5 Simple Steps For Handling Complaints In The Restaurant Industry

5 Simple Steps For Handling Complaints In The Restaurant Industry

Muhammad Abdullah

Customer complaints are part of the restaurant business, but they can be challenging to deal.

As a restaurant owner, you don't want your customers unhappy. You also need to avoid getting into trouble because disappointed customers will have no qualms about making sure everyone knows about their bad experience.

Here are five ways to handle customer complaints when they arise in your restaurant.

  1. Listen Carefully
  2. Resolve the Issues
  3. Offer Solutions Quickly
  4. Satisfy your Guests
  5. Follow up with these Customers

How To Handle Customer Complaints in a Restaurant

1.      Listen Carefully

Listen to your customers carefully before you make any assumptions about where they feel you failed them first.

It's hard to know what your customers want and need.

Customers are often too polite to tell you when they're not satisfied with your restaurant service, kitchen staff, or food, which means that it can be difficult for a restaurant owner to identify problem areas.

The best way to find out about a bad experience is by asking your angry customers! We've found that most people will be honest about their bad experiences if you ask them in person, on the phone, or over email.

Give your disgruntled customers the chance to tell you what they think went wrong, and if possible, offer them an opportunity to give suggestions for improvement.

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2.      Resolve the Issues

Do what you can to fix the problem when customers aren’t satisfied with your services.

Don’t worry if their expectations are too high and you're unable to meet them; you should try to fix the problem anyway and do your best to make amends.

Even when you feel like the problem isn't your fault, offer a solution.

It doesn't matter whether they are right about the issue. What does matter is what they will think of your restaurant later? Remember that all of us make mistakes, and when this happens, you need to be able to speak up and own up to whatever it is.

3.      Offer Solutions Quickly

You should take a restaurant customer complaint seriously and get to work right away to solve the problem for them.

You will have the edge over your competitors if you can solve their issues regularly, even if it's something seemingly small.

For example, you may run out of a particular ingredient for the dish they want to order, or their drink is no longer available. Things like these can quickly become a big issue. You need to handle these things immediately, so make sure you don’t avoid them at any cost.

4.      Satisfy your Guests

Please make sure they are happy with the solutions you provide for resolving their complaints.

If there is a problem with your product or dining experience, you should offer compensation for resolving their complaints. Failure to do so will result in a bad image of your restaurant.

Always make sure that all guests are satisfied and happy with the services and food you provide.

Lastly, thank them for stopping by even if they didn’t enjoy their stay at your restaurant.

Make sure that your last impression is positive so that people will revisit and tell other people about your restaurant.

5.      Follow up with these Customers

It's always good to follow up with your customers once you address their complaints to see if they have any further issues. It's even better if you can provide an incentive to the customer for giving your restaurant another chance in some way or another. Typically, this is what happens when someone leaves a bad review online. But it doesn’t have to be this way always.

Nonetheless, this tactic would help you boost customer loyalty and customer engagement.

You can always provide a discount or an additional free item for their next visit if you feel the customers are still unhappy with your services.

Another important thing is that you check up on them with a survey after they've left so that you know their complaints are resolved. Don’t forget to contact them via phone or email to see if they are willing to try your restaurant again.

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Handle Complaints Professionally

Now you know how to handle guest complaints. You should always be open to feedback and complaints from your customers. It's not a good idea to ignore them or sweep these issues under the rug. That’s because it will only make things worse in the long term.

There are many ways to handle customer complaints when they arise, some of which we have shared with you here.

The most important thing is that you take these complaints seriously. Make sure you listen attentively and work as hard as possible until the customers feel their problem has been solved or addressed.

You want people coming back again for more food after all! Remember, even though handling complaints may seem quite a challenge when you do it professionally, you have more chance of satisfying your guests.

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