10 Restaurant Design Tips That Will Improve Your Customer Experience In A Day Or Less

A restaurant is a happy place for everyone to come together and celebrate life. A restaurant is a happy place for everyone to come together and celebrate life. Your customers want to make memories in your space, whether with their friends, family, or coworkers. Every day you're faced with the difficult task of making sure they have an enjoyable experience that will make them want to come back again.

However, many factors can influence whether they would want to revisit your restaurant.

This blog post will present the ten best restaurant design tips to increase customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty for your restaurant!

10 Restaurant Design Tips That Will Help You Sell More

Here are some design ideas and tips that will put a big smile on your customers' faces.

  1. Use Vibrant Colors
  2. Grab Instant Attention with a Striking Entrance
  3. Create a Welcoming Host Station
  4. Use Restaurant Lighting to Create a Cozy Atmosphere
  5. Have a Colorful & Catchy Menu Design
  6. Highlight Your Light Dishes with White Space
  7. Create an Executive Chef Table
  8. Create a Color Palette for Your Menu
  9. Expand your Restaurant for Outdoor Dining
  10. Create Comfy Seating Areas in Your Restaurant Design

Let’ review these in detail.

Tip 1: Use Vibrant Colors

Colors can influence the way you feel, which is why an all-red room makes your heartbeat faster. Bright colors have been proven to stimulate the brain, which in turn makes people happy.

Research shows that using a red tablecloth can double tips at your bar! That's why it is critical to have a color scheme that matches the branding theme of your restaurant and appeals to your customers.

If you're having trouble deciding on colors, ask yourself these questions:

  • What kind of energy do I want my customers to receive?
  • Is there something unique about the restaurant that we can highlight through colors?
  • What is the goal for our customer experience?

If you can't reach a consensus about the perfect color scheme, ask your customers! Conducting restaurant polls and surveys is a great idea.

Tip 2: Grab Instant Attention with a Striking Entrance

Your entrance is the first thing customers see as soon as they enter your restaurant. Hence, it should stand out for leaving a solid first impression. But how can you transform an ordinary entrance?

Use brightly colored doors to make an impact. Don't forget to add a few pots of flowers and planters for some green accents. If you design a beautiful or unique entrance, your customers will indeed mention it to their friends and family, spreading your popularity through word of mouth.

Tip 3: Create a Welcoming Host Station

When customers see a clean and organized host station, it gives them confidence in your brand. The key is to have a host station with a welcoming environment that follows your restaurant's design theme and communicates the restaurant's objectives.

You may choose to use bright colors on your host stand. In case you have equipment or cables at the host stand, manage them well. A good idea is to use a Velcro strip to manage all the wires. People will appreciate all these little things because they suggest that you care about their experience!

Tip 4: Use Restaurant Lighting to Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Lighting can affect your mood. Using proper lighting in your restaurant is one of the best restaurant design tips. You want to make sure that it's neither too bright nor too dark. It should be subtle and pleasant!

If you've got windows in your restaurant, try adding some curtains to create a nice effect. You can also hang some lamps to make the atmosphere classier. If you've got ample wall space, you can build in some lights or even use the lights from your kitchen to create ambient lighting. You could also try adding more mood lighting with lanterns or candles on each table.

Tip 5: Have a Colorful & Catchy Menu Design

Designing an attractive restaurant menu is probably one of the most crucial restaurant design tips for attracting customers. We all know that food tastes better when it looks delicious. That's why your menu should showcase your best dishes through high-quality pictures.

Furthermore, many restaurants are now going with a hand-written style for their menus. Such a menu makes customers feel that they are dining in an upscale place. If you've got a visually aesthetic menu, then your customers are sure to order more items.

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Tip 6: Highlight Your Light Dishes with White Space

White space is the area of your page that doesn't have any text or graphics. It's essential to use it to highlight the dishes on your menu that you want to stand out. For example, your most expensive items. You want to ensure that your customers feel the dish is worth the price.

Tip 7: Create an Executive Chef Table

If you've got a large group of people who come in regularly for dinner or lunch, try creating an executive chef's table! This table is used for dinner services and has its own menu.

This table becomes an extension of your kitchen to offer unique food offerings that you wouldn't usually have on the main menu. Some examples could be seasonal or specialty items, such as appetizers or desserts after dinner.

Tip 8: Create a Color Palette for Your Menu

This idea is another one of the restaurant design tips that you should use when creating your menu. Many restaurants already have a color palette in mind, and if not, they will make one to communicate with their customers.

That will allow you to do things such as highlight different entrees by using specific colors together. You may also use color to drive home your restaurant's atmosphere/theme or highlight new dishes added to the menu.

Tip 9: Expand your Restaurant for Outdoor Dining

If you're working on a restaurant design for your outside area, consider creating an outdoor bar. This way, people dining in can sit around and enjoy drinks with friends while listening to music or watching TV.

If you have the space, build in some fireplaces that you can light up at night. If you're going to have outdoor seating, create a lower ceiling to feel more intimate. If you can be creative with your lighting, then you can also make the effect of a skyline filled with stars.

Tip 10: Create Comfy Seating Areas in Your Restaurant Design

It's essential to have a good number of comfortable seating options in your restaurant design because you want to deliver a relaxing experience to your customers. Avoid making every table the same because you may need tables big enough for a party of 6-10 people. Likewise, all restaurants have small tables for a private and romantic dinner for two.

You should also think of having booths available if you're trying to create an upscale restaurant design. Don't forget to incorporate a bar area for people who only come to enjoy a happy cocktail hour.

Bottom Line

The key is to create the best atmosphere and environment for your guests so they can have a memorable time. Not only will these small restaurant design ideas lead to repeat business, but they are some of the most crucial restaurant design tips you should follow when starting a new restaurant business. Do you have any design tips that work well for your restaurant? Let us know!

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