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Are you looking for the best restaurant POS UAE for restaurants? Bookmyorder is the best restaurant POS software solution in UAE for your restaurant business. Bookmyorder allows you to create a free online restaurant in UAE easily.

Besides that, UAE restaurant owners can easily integrate their existing website, Facebook page, or mobile application to Bookmyorder online food ordering system.

How will Bookmyorder help UAE Restaurant Businesses?

We have created our UAE Restaurant POS Software in that way so you can quickly get more value from your business and provide easiness to your customers in UAE.

The integration of Bookmyorder means that customers of restaurant business worldwide can search by food items and find their orders instantly. They can also check stock levels, view notifications of future deliveries, and view restaurant menus from their smartphone or tablet. Using our intuitive UAE Restaurant POS system, restaurant owners can also directly offer exclusive deals and promotions on their websites.

Benefits of Bookmyorder

Designed For Everyone

No matter what your business size is, bookmyorder is an ideal solution for small cafes to multi-chain restaurants. Bookmyorder is designed for everyone from everywhere.

Access it from everywhere

Bookmyorder is a SaaS-based restaurant POS software in UAE. It is accessible through iOS, Android, desktop, tablet, or web. Say No to expensive proprietary hardware. Take innovative initiative with Bookmyorder and start growing.

Restaurant Panel

Bookmyorder allows you to manage all of your online restaurant activities with our user-friendly and easy-to-use restaurant panel. The restaurant panel offers rich online food ordering features to streamline your café business.

Unlimited Orders

Take unlimited orders in UAE for free with Bookmyorder. Bookmyorder allows you to take unlimited online food orders for free. No extra commission + No hidden Fees = Totally Free.

Build Trust

Customer reviews, live website editing feature, automatic notification options make your restaurant trusty among your customers.


Our Competitors in UAE

Check why Bookmyorder is the best possible solution for your cafe or restaurant business in this competitive edge. How bookmyorder is better than its competitors? Here are some of our competitors:

ChowNow Alternative

A Better and Free Version of ChowNow

Why Not ChowNow?

ChowNow demands restaurant owners to schedule a demo with their concerned person or salesperson to see how this system works. When you are done with the demo, then you will pay money for the plan you chose.

Why Bookmyorder?

You don’t need to schedule a demo or something else. Just create an account. Set up your restaurant. Start using it for free forever. That’s why bookmyorder is a better and free version of ChowNow.

Stop Paying 13.5% Commissions To GrubHub

The online food ordering systems have been attracting many startups in Doha and all over the United Arab Emirates. But Commission-based online ordering portals like GrubHub, others are charging almost 13.5% commission on each order. It puts a lot of burden on businesses.

So, stop paying a commission on each order. Start taking online orders with 0% commission. Let’s get started with bookmyorder.

No Commission + No Hidden Fee = Bookmyorder


GloriaFood is one of our competitors. At GloriaFoodYou are forced to take the marketing package if you want to make small marketing strategies.

At Bookmyorder, you will not be forced to pay anything that our competitors demand.  





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