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Quit Paying Crazy Fees to Gloriafood

GloriaFood is not a completely free online ordering portal at all. Nonetheless, it’s a good online ordering platform for restaurants but paying fees for features like online / credit card payment service, branded mobile apps, etc. will hurt your restaurant business sales.

Never pay a food commission to anyone,” the saying goes. So, why do you still pay food commissions to GloriaFood? When you have GoriaFood Alternative like Bookmyorder.

Lower Your Fees, Improve Cash-Flows, and Drive Repeat Business With Bookmyorder

Bookmyorder is a free online ordering system for restaurants that solves all of these problems. Bookmyorder allows you to operate at margins that are sustainable for your business long term. You don't have to pay anything to use any of our online food ordering system features.

 We allow you, the business owner, to expand your business without having to worry about someone taking a large percentage off the top. Paying anyone 15%-18% of your ticket price makes it nearly impossible for you to succeed.

We also solve the cash flow problem because we don't hold your money. Our goal is to get you the funds as soon as possible. 

Any smart business owner knows word of mouth and repeat customers is one of the major keys to long-term success. The problem with Seamless is that they have no incentive to drive customers back to your website. They only care about driving customers back to their portal. Bookmyorder is built on your website, so our goal is to keep customers coming back to you and not anyone else.

Free Domain + Free Hosting

Don't pay GloriaFood if you don't have a website. Yes, they charge you for this. But Bookmyorder doesn't. Bookmyorder offers you a free domain and free hosting, which means now you don't have to worry about purchasing Domain and hosting. 

  • Don't have a website? No problem! Bookmyorder will give you Free Domain and hosting.

  • Already have a website? Simply link your existing website to the ordering site; there is no complexity at all.

Aesthetic and Simple Design

Bookmyorder offers Aesthetic and Simple Design for your own dedicated online ordering website, which is known as the one-stop solution for all types of restaurants, hotel, school canteens, offices, and online store owners to handle their online food ordering.

Multi-Location Support For Free

Bookmyorder offers multi-location support for free. This feature is great news for restaurants that haven’t invested money in setting up an online ordering system. Not only will you be able to take orders but also add more locations to your account without additional costs.

Better Invoice Management

You can easily create and manage your daily, monthly, and yearly billing! We will provide you a widget where you can see how much will be billed on each of your stores. In addition to that, you can also update daily totals from the widget.

Don't Pay for Promo Marketing

By default, GloriaFood charges you for promo marketing. Don't pay any more for promo marketing when you have Bookmyorder. Start giving amazing coupons to your customers with our free Promo feature. Let start your online journey with Bookmyorder.

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