About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2017, our swiftly-growing ordering and POS system, Bookmyorder , aims to streamline the online ordering system and payment process for both restaurateurs and customers. We started off with the realization that many restaurateurs needed a more user-friendly solution that is both cost-effective and time-saving. Thus, we offer a solution, that is loaded with features for increased productivity, and is 100% commission-free, allowing you to keep all your profits.

Stellar Customer Support

We have seasoned tech professionals and industry experts on our team who understand the unique challenges restaurant owners face and deliver exceptional customer service, helping them take their businesses to new heights.

Our mission at Bookmyorder is to revolutionize the restaurant industry by providing an innovative and efficient online ordering system and POS solution. We strive to simplify the ordering and payment process for both customers and restaurants, enhancing the dining experience and maximizing business success.
Our vision is to be the leading provider of online ordering systems and POS solutions for restaurants, empowering them to deliver seamless and enjoyable dining experiences to their customers. We aim to constantly innovate and enhance our technology to meet the ever-evolving needs of the restaurant industry and help our clients achieve their goals.

We’ve Got a Solution to Your Problem

We understand that restaurants face some challenges in today's fast-paced and competitive world and thus, provide solutions that help them overcome those challenges.

Whether it's long wait times, outdated ordering systems, or a lack of customer insights, we have the expertise and technology to help. Our online ordering system and POS solution also provides valuable business insights to help restaurants make informed decisions.

With our cutting-edge technology, we make it possible for restaurants to focus on what they do best – offering delicious food and outstanding service - without being bogged down by technology issues, while we handle the rest.

Help is Always at Hand

With Bookmyorder , you can rest assured that we have a solution to any problem you may encounter and it is always our pleasure to assist you.