5 Best Restaurant Management Software in 2023

5 Best Restaurant Management Software in 2023

Amber Alvi

Restaurant management software helps users manage their food service business. While some enhance customer interactions, others speed up behind-the-scenes procedures. For example, accounting, inventory management, and employee scheduling.

However, not all software is the same; each offers a unique range of services for helping your restaurant operate at its peak.

Take a closer look at what you want to achieve through the software. For example, do you need it for managing your accounts or the inventory? Does your restaurant want to increase its sales?

When you set the goals, you want to accomplish through your restaurant management software and Online food ordering systems, it becomes easier to choose them.

This review will help you choose the best restaurant management system for your restaurant business.

Before we review our list of the best restaurant management software, here are some benefits you can accomplish with it.

Benefits of Using a Restaurant Management Software

You can digitize online ordering for restaurant, complete transactions, manage inventory, and automate routine tasks. For example, the software can allow a deli to maintain a digital menu of bakery products.

You can use POS restaurant management software to track your daily payments or make it more convenient for your clients to place orders.

In the past, data in restaurant management systems were kept ‘locally’ on in-store devices, requiring operator presence. With today's cloud-based software, you can access your restaurant business from any location at any time using any device.

Cloud-based technology plays a crucial role in the success of restaurant management systems because it allows you to manage and view information for different locations.

Of course, this is only a summary of the advantages that effective restaurant management software offers to a restaurant. In addition to these benefits, adopting software is essential considering the volume of cash and credit cards processed through a restaurant each day.

Anything you do to make life easier for your staff and customers will eventually help you earn more profits. This is because your customers will keep coming back to you, and there will be more orders in the long run.  

5 Best Restaurant Management Software

With a plethora of restaurant management software on the market, which ones work best for managing a restaurant?

Here is a review of some of today’s popular restaurant management software that will continue to maintain their popularity this year.

1.    Toast

Toast is famous for its POS system, as it can break customer bills and items and notifies users when an order is completed.

To manage meal orders efficiently, Toast offers a ton of tools. Its intuitive software can help your restaurant run more smoothly and provide customers with a better experience. But there's more! Restaurants can find ways to highlight top-selling menu items, cut expenses, and offer more with analytics and reporting tools.

Toast POS can improve the productivity and efficiency of your restaurant. The software runs on Android-based tablets, which allows servers to send orders to the kitchen and collect payments. Thanks to its multiple features, Toast is famous for increasing table turnover and annual profits by thousands of dollars.

Pros and Cons


  • Customizable plans
  • Convenient to use


  • It runs only on Android


  • The basic package costs $110 /per month

2.    Resy OS

Restaurant owners may customize every aspect of their reservation process with this fantastic platform. Resy OS is a platform for making reservations easier. Restaurants can also send personalized and unique confirmation text messages representing their image. In addition, it has a built-in CRM or customer relationship management program and an occupancy monitoring tool. This tool sends you alerts when you are about to go over the capacity limit.

The app is operational in 200 cities and serves nearly 4000 restaurants, predominantly in San Francisco, New York, London, and Los Angeles.

Pros and Cons


  • Custom table types
  • Web and app-based booking


  • Costly monthly plans
  • Tricky to learn


  • The paid version starts from $249.00 /month

3.    Oracle MICROS

You can combine your preferred restaurant management programs with MICROS, an Oracle Technologies POS and management system. As a result, restaurant owners can utilize the most dependable and adaptable POS system available in the food and beverage sector to provide perfect customer service at the table, online, and at your customer's doorstep.

This system allows you to focus on customer satisfaction and manage your back office and kitchen operations. The cloud-based platform is an all-in-one restaurant management solution.


  • Use the same system for managing BOH and FOH processes
  • Recruit staff and create timetables
  • Create computerized menus for tracking every transaction


  • No loyalty program, built-in reservation solution, payments, or online ordering for restaurant
  • Lack of in-house services


The Plus plan costs $75 and is best for franchise and multi-location operations.

4.    Restaurant365

Restaurant 365 is a SaaS-based accounting and back-office solution which caters specifically to restaurants. It integrates with banks, vendors, POS, and payroll to save operators' daily work hours. That helps them make decisions that will maximize profits.


  • Manage payroll, hiring, scheduling, and onboarding benefits
  • It comes with a robust inventory cost management system
  • Data on production, employees, and sales help restaurants
  • Empower your operations with data on employees, production, and sales performance


  • It is not a payment or a point-of-sale solution
  • No online ordering for restaurant


You can buy the Essential package at $399/month, and the Professional package starts at $489/month with all the advanced features.

5.    Book My Order

The online ordering app for small businesses offers an easy way to track and manage most of the restaurant's daily operations, including real-time order processing. BookMyOrder provides a Rich restaurant portal so users can handle everything. In addition, iOS/Android app makes it more easily accessible.

The open API allows you to connect from anywhere. You can integrate Stripe and PayPal payment methods which are fast and secure payment options.

In addition, you can adjust to market changes and maintain control over everything that occurs around your website. That makes Book My Order an excellent restaurant management system for all small and big restaurants.



  • Excellent customer service 24/7
  • Point Of Sale Integration
  • Multilingual support
  • Website Builder
  • Online Ordering systems
  • Delivery, Takeaway, and Dine-in Support
  • Multiple location and branches support
  • Rider App management
  • Instagram and Facebook Orders and chatbot
  • Different kinds of Printer Support
  • 99% up time
  • Rich Restaurant Portal


Bookmyorder always strives to prioritize customer satisfaction in all of their services. Therefore, they charge a very affordable price compared to others; Bookmyorder’s Premium plan Starts from Only 49.99$ per Month.

Final Thoughts

Now you know about the top restaurant management software, trending in the market. If you are a restaurant owner who wants to earn more profits, you can choose the best one according to your needs and budget.


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