10 Advantages Of Online Food Ordering For Restaurants: Why It's Better

10 Advantages Of Online Food Ordering For Restaurants: Why It's Better

In our digital age, one of the most important things for restaurants is to keep up with technology to stay relevant. Online ordering system is quickly becoming standard practice at restaurants. We will explain why it's time for your restaurant to join the online ordering craze.

What is an online food ordering system?

Online food ordering system is designed to help restaurants, food manufacturers, and other businesses connect with consumers and increase sales. They are typically available on a website or mobile app – these can be ‘native’ apps or mobile-optimized websites/landing pages.

Online food ordering systems allow restaurants to take orders over the internet. They’re handy for restaurants with a delivery service or constantly busy and don’t want to miss out on carrying out additional business! On one side, you have the customers, who can access the menu and place an order, and on the other side, you have the restaurant receiving and approving orders.

What is the purpose of an online ordering system?

To begin with, the business directly profits from a digital Restaurant POS that is generally more convenient for customers. If customers are uncertain of what they want and need to postpone in-store ordering until they are confident, a digital system can give them time to think over their options. 

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This leads to more people completing an online order than if there weren’t such an option available at all. The business can also benefit indirectly through higher restaurant conversion. The improved convenience of the in-store ordering process may lead to more new customers visiting and trying out the restaurant.

In addition, businesses using an online ordering system usually see improvements in terms of wait times and overall business size. This is because more customers are now able to place.

A restaurant’s success largely depends on the quality of its food and service but, marketing strategies are also key to the success of a restaurant. Online ordering has become one of the most effective ways for restaurants to attract new customers without spending anything on marketing. Restaurant owners invest in online ordering systems as it saves time, attracts new customers, etc. Below are 10 advantages of online ordering for restaurants:

Here are the 10 advantages of an Online Food Ordering System

1. People Prefer Online Ordering over the phone

We all know the benefits of online ordering over placing orders over the phone. However, it’s surprising to see just how much ordering through the Internet has grown in popularity. As of 2016, six percent of all orders were placed online, while only five percent were placed verbally over the telephone – and this trend is projected to continue.

2. Online Ordering offers more accuracy

Online ordering is a great way to boost the overall efficiency of your restaurant. An online food ordering system comes with a feature that provides you with more information about each customer’s order, allowing you to be more efficient about order fulfillment and delivery. This translates into happier customers who will then tell others about the great experience they had with your restaurant.

3. Online Ordering offers convenience

There are days when you have no time to stop by restaurants. Maybe you are in the middle of a meeting, driving across the state, or at one of those crowded areas like malls and stadiums. If this sounds familiar, not to worry because online ordering offers convenience. 

Online ordering has become popular with both consumers and businesses. It is a convenient and straightforward way to take advantage of your business’s sales potential without limiting your customers’ options.

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4. Take Unlimited Orders through the online ordering system

A large part of that is in the simple act of browsing without interruption. When customers can browse the menu without feeling rushed by lines and don’t have to think about physically handing cash to someone, customers tend to purchase more. Researchers have even found that, on average, orders are up to 26 percent larger when placed online. Now that’s profit!

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5. Online Ordering Creates a Better Dine-In Experience

When you walk into a restaurant, what’s the first thing you do? Look for a spot at the bar or on a table? Very likely. The last thing you want to do is wait to be seated while ignoring your growling belly and watching people enjoy their food (especially if you are hungry).

But as people order takeout from their favorite eateries in record numbers, restaurant owners see firsthand the benefits of creating online ordering systems that cater to customers looking for a way to get food delivered fast.

6. Get Better Customer Data Through Online Ordering

With the upcoming holiday season, restaurants see a rise in customers. To keep these customers coming back, it’s essential to understand who they are, when they usually place their order, and what they typically order. And while you can get this information by keeping tabs on your waiters or asking your regulars directly, that takes valuable time away from you and truly adds little value to your business.

For restaurants, drive-throughs, and convenience stores that operate a counter with in-person ordering, online ordering can be a way to keep those same customers engaged with your brand. Online ordering increases the number of orders you receive and generates valuable data about your customers.

7. Meet Customer Demand and Then Some

Studies are being done, and data being collected on consumer behavior online. New websites are launched every second, and the average person spends about 10 hours a month surfing the web.

So when you’re talking to your customers, you have to realize that they may be online – wherever they may be – and that they may be connected via their favorite device. Get them through your digital or physical door today with an online ordering system!

Online systems allow customers to take control of their ordering experience and tailor it to their needs. They can also interact with your brand in a quick, convenient way – many customers are happy to order online because they don’t have the time to visit your store or aren’t locally based.

8. Monitor your expenses incurred in real-time

Being a restaurant owner is never easy. You have to maintain the overall expenses and the profits. You must have a clear and accurate picture of the general expenses incurred while preparing an order and comparing it to what you are charging to your customers.

In today’s business world, the online ordering system has become very popular among restaurateurs. The real-time management benefit that this system offers is what makes it so well sought after. The restaurant owner gets a fair idea of how many orders are being made and how much they earn from these orders (both pre and post-addition).

You will know how much money you are making from the various services on your website. This way, you will be able to handle the expenses of your restaurant more efficiently. 

Just like customers not looking for exact monetary values of each item ordered but want a bill to be easy on the eyes and they don’t want to argue about prices, developers too hate looking at code for hours trying to figure out exactly how much time they have spent building one functional piece.

9. Convenience of Mobile Applications

A lot of customers who want to order food for pickup or delivery don’t want to call the restaurant. They want to be able to order food using a mobile phone.

The online ordering app enables customers to browse through the available menu, choose and add desired meals and then pay for them using online banking, credit card, or cash payments.

With an online ordering app, customers have all the convenience of ordering fast, convenient meals while sitting in a meeting room or stuck in a crowded area at work or school.

10. Online food ordering is open 24/7

There are many restaurants in this country (or any country, for that matter) that are not open 24/7. Whether they close at 2:00 pm on weekdays or 8:00 pm on weekends, it just means that they lose out on a lot of business opportunities. But online food delivery is not like that at all.

You can accept orders from anywhere, anytime – people can schedule their meals for any time of the day so that you have more customers and the flexibility to go about business as usual, even when your restaurant does not happen to be open.


There are numerous benefits of having an online system for ordering your food. This is a modern-day trend that can be ideally implemented in restaurants to foster better customer relationships, streamline operations and make them self-sufficient.

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