Get Dine-In Customers To Order Online With These Tips

Get Dine-In Customers To Order Online With These Tips

Ramsha Khanum

People enjoy dining out whenever they have free time or if they want to share a meal with their loved ones. However, they still look for a more convenient way to relish food and expect timely and hygienic doorstep delivery options. In fact, in the US, 60% of people use online ordering or takeout at least once a week! Therefore, restaurant brands must offer a platform where customers can place their orders online and get an exceptional experience.

We know it would be tricky for you to transition from a physical business to the internet world, and that's why we came up with some helpful tips on how your dine-in clients can place online orders.

Build A Nice Website Or An App

Create a website or an app using an online ordering platform (such as bookmyorder) and integrate it directly with your POS to improve order volume. The app is more mobile-friendly than a website, making it easier for users to discover the kind of dishes they enjoy, such as starters, main courses, etc. Design a menu that is captivating and easy to read. It must contain all necessary details, including price, quantity, special offers, etc.

Plus, include clear instructions in your website/app so that it becomes easy for customers to order. Provide your customers with an obvious ‘Order Now’ button to make online ordering trouble-free. Using this tactic, you may enhance the dining experience while helping clients place orders more quickly.

Make Online Ordering An Easy Task

An online ordering system will enable consumers to place orders using their phones. When consumers come to your location, they scan a QR code to gain access to your online menu. They can then use their smartphones to place orders and make payments for their meals, and you can view and complete those orders from your end.

Moreover, a professional-looking website/app will likely draw the attention of someone searching for your business online. So, it's crucial to advertise your online ordering clearly with a banner or button on your site. Grab their attention and make it easy for them to use your website features.

Ensure Consumers Can Order In-App

Around 70% of consumers prefer to place their own orders, but they can only do so if you make it simple. A crucial starting step is to make online ordering prominent on your website, but don't undervalue the acceptance and usability of mobile apps. It may be costly and time-consuming to build a mobile app from scratch, but the right platform can make this task a no-sweat job.

Urge Patrons To Download Your App

Furthermore, an app can be advertised and paired with special deals. For instance, the discount is only usable if users order through the app. Give them the option to scan a QR code to gain access to your online menu. As a result, customers may feel encouraged to download the app and purchase larger quantities of food.

Rethink & Optimize Your Current Menu

Is your menu only a confused mixture of appetizers, mains, and desserts? Maybe it is time to rethink this! If your menu items aren't earning their full revenue, it doesn't matter how good they are, right? It may be as easy as giving a well-known thing a new name or placing your highest-margin goods where customers will first see them on the menu.

Rather than giving out the same version every year, consider changing it up every two years. A new menu is another excellent thing to advertise on social media and with other marketing resources. Bonus points if you also have some of the dishes professionally photographed.

Update Your Menu Time & Again

The menu is an essential component of any restaurant. Customers always favor websites with the most recent news and recipes. Imagine a customer going to a store to buy a specific dish only to learn that it has been sold out. This can have a negative effect on customers' minds.

Further, some foods may only be available during certain times of the year, so it's crucial to let customers know. As a result, restaurants should work to keep their menus updated, and their kitchen supplies stocked appropriately so that online orders can be processed quickly and you can keep customers from choosing your rivals.

Partner With A Food Delivery Service

Convenience reigns supreme in today's world of apps. Think about joining forces with well-known delivery providers. These meal delivery platforms offer very simple registration processes and are a great place to start if you're new to digital orders.

A fantastic way to let people order online is to collaborate with delivery providers. By doing this, you can make ordering easier, draw in new clients, and keep your current ones happy—all from the convenience of their cell phones.

Introduce Rewarding Loyalty Programs

Want to encourage satisfied consumers to come back again and again? Motivate them! There are several ways to reward loyal customers. Your budget, the kind of business you run, and your personal preferences all play a role in determining which one is best for you. A digital loyalty program, which allows your clients to earn rewards for frequent visits, is a fantastic alternative to think about.

Casual restaurants may choose to use tools like punch cards or coupons. However, higher-end businesses might rely on email- or app-driven initiatives. Regardless of the strategy you use, it's important to keep the customer's end of the process painless so they can participate.

Give Incentives & Exclusive Offers

Approx. 60% of customers prefer to order via a mobile app when they can receive exclusive discounts. The majority of consumers enjoy special offers because they can save money and make them feel valued. As a result, you might give devoted consumers special weekday menus or exclusive deals.

A discount is another motivator if customers reach a certain order threshold. For instance, you may give complimentary things in exchange for a particular number of orders. Try to give consumers with special discounts or deals; this may persuade them to purchase more. Whatever incentives you come up with, make sure to publicize them widely via email, social media, and in-person at your restaurant with signage.

Let Customers Modify Their Deals

Allowing the changes that your customers may recommend to you is a good idea if you want to increase online food orders. Reduced sugar, less ice, or no plastic cutlery in the packaging are some examples of these modifications. For customers to pick drinks and snacks together in one item, use modifiers to provide dropdown options for meal deal selections. Giving clients the option to personalize their food selections may increase online restaurant orders.

Offer them bundles. While bundles simplify purchasing, they convince consumers that they're getting a good deal - even if they wouldn't have purchased the additional items. Let food lovers create a deal of their choice. Win-win!

Provide Various Payment Options

People may choose from various payment methods when ordering food from restaurants online. They can easily place an order at any time using any available payment or shipping method if you provide them with a variety of options. Widening the selection might assist in appeasing even the pickiest customers.

Market Your Eatery Through Emails

A superb online ordering system will only help you if your customers are aware of it, and email marketing is still the most effective way to connect with them. You should email your whole customer list with a link to your online ordering page using an eye-catching layout. Add your trending and most bought food items in that email.

You can email your consumers links to your top-selling items or specials pages. They can easily place their orders by clicking the link sent to them in an email with the things they want. This will boost revenue at the restaurant while also enabling you to recognize repeat patrons.

Or Adapt New Marketing Methods

Undoubtedly, email marketing is a tried-and-true method for connecting with potential customers. However, why not try out text marketing? It makes sense, given the high open rates of text messages.

Create a promotional offer, such as ‘Get Free Dessert’, to entice people to subscribe. Then, begin delivering your increasing subscribers and weekly offers. These promotions will make your clients eager to return, and you can anticipate higher restaurant sales.

Use Social Media To Spread The Word

Most of your clients use social media regularly. That means you ought to be as well. Eateries with active social media profiles dominate their "unsocial" rivals by a wide margin. Customers expect you to be available where they are.

Make sure you have an Instagram account, a Twitter account, and a Facebook business page set up. These are amazing platforms to advertise your daily deals and post delectable images. Inform your consumers of your hours of operation, invite them to use your hashtag when posting photos of their meals, and advertise any new menu items you are introducing.

It also helps you attract new customers when your current ones like, comment on, and share your posts.

Educate On The Benefits Of Online

Having features in your online services is fine, but what good are they if your consumers aren't using them? It is worthwhile to make an effort to inform your client of the services you provide.

Describe the benefits to your customers. Inform them that they may choose the dish they want and quickly specify any dietary restrictions. Also, let them know that they can pay conveniently on their phone and that their purchase won't be delayed.

When educating your clients, be sure to highlight the benefits for them. Promoting new features on social media, giving online shoppers discounts, and informing clients directly by posting a sign on your property are just a few educational suggestions.

Wrapping Up

Make your dine-in customers order online by following the above tips. It could be intimidating to shift your food business to an online system. But with our useful tips and the right platform, it would be as easy as ABC!

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