Unique Ways Restaurants Can Use QR Codes To Drive Sales

Unique Ways Restaurants Can Use QR Codes To Drive Sales

Ramsha Khanum

Need some ideas on how to drive sales for your restaurant? Because maybe you're facing a sales collapse. Or everything is going great and so you just want to keep the ball rolling. If so, then you can count on this blog as here, I'm going to share with you some unique ways that'll help you make more revenue in your food business!

A Contactless QR Code Could be Its Solution

As a restaurant owner, you might probably have heard of the term "QR Code".  QR Code is nothing new. It was adopted in 2002 when the technological evolution let a QR Code reading feature be set forth and added to our cell phones. Further, it scored its popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic when foodies were tied to their phones for food ordering because all the food houses were closed. The touch-free food ordering technology of QR Code has rejuvenated since then, as many restaurant owners are latching on to its benefits!

But some people using QR Codes are still lacking sales and looking for ways to uplift their business. Maybe they are oblivious of its amazing uses. If you’re one of them, then carry on reading to discover ways how businesses can capitalize on QR Codes to generate sales.

But first and foremost, let's briefly get familiar with the term in fashion i.e., "QR Code".

Quick Overview of QR Code!

After the coronavirus outbreak, restaurants went contactless and started to scan a small size black and white-colored square on their cell phones for a digital menu. These little pixelated squares are widely known as "QR Codes". A QR Code is a mind-boggling tool for contactless service. Food outlets can make the most of the rising familiarity of QR Codes to substantially assist drive sales.

What Can it do for a Restaurant Business?

Placing a QR Code on each table let the eaters use digital menus, thus reducing expenses. When the customers scan the QR Code, a digital menu will pop up on their cell phones after which they will place an order on the spot and within a few clicks. What a TIME SAVER!

Not only this. But with a QR Code digital menu, you won't be bothered to serve disposable menu cards that might be a part of your restaurant's waste.

The QR Code can be used anywhere from business cards to postcards and flyers to assist in jacking up your business's visibility and drive more sales. But these are not enough to stimulate sales. And you must know the other great ways, too!

Unique Ways to Drive Sales via QR Code

So, here I'm sharing some uses of QR Codes that fascinated me. And that you can use them too to provide streets-ahead services to your customers and swiftly magnify your sales!

  1. Show Off Your Foremost Dishes

Any customer would wish to see what they are going to be served before they plan to order a meal. And since text-based menus don't fascinate customers anymore, visually appealing menus are now a trend. So, what you have to do is, exhibit tempting pictures of your menus and add appetizing captions for each one to let eaters entice and read about the dish while they swipe and take a tour of your menu.

Plus, you can also update the PDF QR Code. And guess what? There's no need to reprint it when you either add or remove any option from menus!

  1. Display Your Specials for the Day

With a QR Code, you can guide customers to your new specials or a BOGO offer, daily or weekly. Displaying your daily specials on their phones will make redemption a breeze and drive traffic It's one of the great ways to show off your scrumptious food photography and revive repeat clients with upcoming specials!

  1. Attract or Reward Customers With Coupons

Enticing customers with coupons is another great way to drive sales. And doing the same with a QR Code makes it easier and quicker! By flogging new offers and discounts with a coupon QR Code, you’ll be able to bring your patrons in the door. In addition, the coupon can be used to reward and offer special discounts to loyal customers the next time they dine in.

  1. Provide Painless Online Reservations

With the advancement of technology, guests can now painlessly book reservations and join the waiting list digitally. You can let the clients scan a code before they enter your food house with their name and no. of members. They will be notified by their mobiles when they're next on the list after their table is ready. The QR Code will guide them to the right direction.

  1. Let Your Guests Order & Pay Digitally

Nobody likes to wait. And if you have a small staff then using a QR Code can strikingly abolish the wait for the staff to take orders and facilitate payments by letting eat-in diners both scan the menu and pay digitally.

  1. Offer Dynamic Experiences While They Wait

Who doesn’t like to have fun! And if anyone is provided with fun activities while they wait for their order or bill, there’s a high chance they’ll not feel enraged by the service besides, they’ll have a memorable takeout experience! So, one unique way to let your customers have fun while waiting, is to put a QR Code on their serving tables that’ll link to interactive games such as an online trivia game. What’s more, you could offer them freebies or discounts if they score high in the game.

  1. Show Food Preparations via Live Cams

Your guests would love the idea of viewing live food preparation. But first, take staff’s permission to set up a camera in the food preparation area. After that let customers scan QR Codes via a menu stand or table to view live food preparations to keep them satisfied.

  1. Provide Wi-Fi Access Without any Password

Giving Wi-Fi access without the need for a password can bring you a ton of guests! Now, your guests can instantly jump on your network with QR Code. Plus, it can retrench any neighbor who knows your password and sneakily access your network.

  1. Give Menu Nutrition Info via Takeout Packaging

Another unique way to generate sales is to put QR Codes in takeout containers. Customers these days are curious to know food info and decide whether they would spend a little on calories or stay on the safe side. Use a QR Code on a menu or takeout packaging to direct customers to special sections of the menu and get info about their desired food item.

  1. Send Direct Mails With Personal Greeting

One of the best tools to promote your restaurant is direct mail campaigns. QR Codes besides bringing on-premise diners into the ordering and payment process can help restaurateurs collect diner contact information. By adding a QR Code to the mail, you can build up your marketing contact list from both on-premise and online diners and provide them with more information about your food outlet.

Also, send a faithful thank you email to your customers together with a personal greeting once they dine with the restaurant. Plus, you can personalize or edit the email. That way, you can reflect the brand.

  1. Make The Most of Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook are a great place to quickly boost your restaurant's recognition. More than 2.9 billion people use Facebook. With a QR Code, you can direct customers to follow your eatery's social media pages on Facebook, and encourage your followers to spread your restaurant's information by tagging you in their posts. Also, offer them discounts such as 15% off for customers who follow your social media pages or give them access to your eatery's information such as its takeaway menu, contact information, hours of operation, map, and directions at their fingertips!

  1. Get Promotions in New Places With Engaging QR Codes

If you’re worried about expensive advertisements, then QR Codes can help you with that too! Their small size makes it easier for us to add them in an ad or a brochure so that they can take customers to online forums.

You can create and display QR Codes in flyers, business cards, church bulletins, and local newspapers but make sure to design an arresting one and grab your patrons’ heed! Further, you can coax them to scan by offering them special discounts.

  1. Personalize Customers’ Data & Receive Feedback

An added benefit of QR Codes is that they capture customers’ data including contact info or order history, allowing you to personalize your patrons’ experience for future visits.

Moreover, listening to your audience’s feedback about the dining experience can be one of the best ways to connect with them. Detailed feedback could help you improve your services and glaringly amplify sales!

  1. Ask a Question to Get Ratings

Customers’ opinions carry weight. Ask them about how would they rate your food quality, services, or even a staff member so you could make it better. Let them choose between a 5-star rating, thumbs up or down, or even emoji reactions, and get the results instantly in your chosen inbox! This is vital to detect which areas to improve.

  1. Generate Timely Reviews to Widen Presence

A study has found that 63.6% of customers prefer to read reviews before buying anything. Use a QR Code on your tables or your menu and link to any review site. This way, you increase your presence on review sites. However, some customers don’t seem interested in giving reviews. Then what you could do for them to get timely reviews is offer a discount or coupon if they complete a review within 48 hours of ordering. Platforms like Popmenu let you pull in reviews on every dish so that diners or newbies can use them to assist them to make the best meal choice.

  1. Conduct Quicker Surveys to get Desired Information

Want to receive customer feedback more simply and easily? Let customers do a quick three-question survey. Place the QR Code at their tables, or anywhere else your guests will notice. That way, you could get whatever information you would like!

  1. Advertise Even When You're Closed

Get passers-by to take a peek at your menu by putting QR Code at the front door. Your eatery’s entrance door is the perfect selling point. There, you could put a QR Code that would take passers-by to your business page. Even if you close up for the night, the passers-by could be intrigued, so don’t let this space go waste!

Closing Thoughts

QR Codes could be placed on receipts, restaurant tables, takeout containers, menu stands, marketing emails, or even by the front door of your eatery!

QR Codes seem to be adopted by many food houses because of their scores of new uses. So be one of the first ones to try the discussed uses to keep the customers coming back for more, leading to revamping your sales and Watch Your Business Go Places!


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