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 Transform your restaurant
with bookmyorder's smart POS

Unleash your restaurant potential! Track inventory, report sales, manage customer, and do much more with our POS system
for restaurants
. Bookmyorder helps business owners from creating brand value to predicting their restaurant growth. As a restaurateur,
manage your daily restaurant operations effectively.

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What restaurant’s
POS system works for you

Point Of Sale
(POS) Software

Simplify your restaurant operations with our robust restaurant
POS system
. The All-in-One POS software is designed to fit
restaurant businesses of all sizes - whether it’s a franchise store,
a home-based venture, or a fine dining setup.

  • Control restaurant sales, guest, and inventory.
  • Take orders and upgrade menus effortlessly.
  • Benefit from scheduling and data reporting.
  • Manage restaurant analytics and payments.
  • Take care of restaurant management needs.
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Magnify your
sales to the next level

We help you increase your profitability by providing
umpteen of features. Our POS system for restaurant gives
you everything that you need to manage your restaurant
perfectly. It helps you serve your customers faster and better,
ultimately driving more sales.


Track your inventory
more efficiently & effectively

Keep an eye on your restaurant’s inventory, labor, & schedule
with powerful tracking tools. You can keep track of the
performance at all times. bookmyorder’s Point Of Sale software
assists you in maintaining stock levels and minimal waste

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Boost your branding
& business management

With our seamless restaurant POS system, save loads of time on administrative tasks and manage your business more efficiently. What’s more, online ordering helps you promote your restaurant
brand and uplift its digital visibility.


Enhance your
customer experience

The POS system offers restaurant owners a solution that
simplifies online ordering, minimizes wait times, maximizes
revenue, and improves order accuracy. Besides, it helps you
make incredible improvements in customer experience.

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Our Pricing

Bookmyorder offers pricing options with features that make it easy for restaurateurs to choose the one that perfectly fits the budget and needs of their restaurant businesses. We ensure to provide plans that work best for you and have room to grow your brand.


$9 per month

  • Restaurant Website
  • Online Ordering System
  • Delivery, Takeaway, and Dine-in Support
  • Rich Restaurant Portal
  • Android App for Managing Orders
  • Different kinds of Printer Support
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$29 per month

  • All features from FREE
  • Instagram and Facebook Orders and chatbot
  • Multiple location and branches support
  • PayPal and Stripe
  • Can be used as POS
  • 24x7 Supoort
  • Rider App
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To ease a restaurant’s operations, you need a POS System for restaurant. It helps you take orders online, accept payments painlessly, manage food inventory, serve customers quicker, and facilitate daily operations smoothly.
The cost of a monthly subscription for bookmyorder’s restaurant POS system starts from $9, while that of a yearly subscription is $108.
Bookmyorder’s POS system is perfect for your restaurant business if you want ease in managing tables, menus, customers, inventory, payment processing, and sales tracking. Besides, running your business more efficiently, it saves plenty of your money.
To set up POS system for restaurants on bookmyorder, first, sign up and get registered. As soon as you sign up, a dashboard will appear. Here, you’ll be able to set up your inventory management system. Then upload and organize your products, sync your product list with the POS app, import existing customer data, set up your payments, create user accounts and assign permissions, and sync your POS with other apps.
There are following five types of POS systems:
Traditional POS system: It is the least expensive yet slow and inaccurate register-based POS system, and is commonly used by table service restaurants.
Touchscreen POS system: It is faster and more accurate than register-based systems, and is used by quick-service restaurants to let customers order and pay without a server’s help.
Dedicated Server POS system: It is the most expensive yet the most complex POS system with most features and customization options. It offers employee performance tracking, online ordering, and delivery.
Cloud-based restaurant POS system: It is cheaper and easier to set up. It can store data in the cloud, but requires a reliable internet connection to function properly.
Mobile restaurant POS system: It is the most popular and convenient POS system that offers increased accuracy, enhanced customer service, reduced wait times, and easy ordering and payment processing from anywhere.
The key components of a restaurant POS system are POS terminals (usually desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets, or smartphones), printers for receipts, barcode scanner, credit card reader, and Kitchen Display System (KDS).
Bookmyorder mobile POS system for restaurants streamlines the online ordering and payment process for both restaurateurs and customers. It is an innovative and efficient ordering and POS solution that simplifies online ordering and payments and boosts revenue.