Top 14 Food Delivery Packaging Ideas

Top 14 Food Delivery Packaging Ideas

Muhammad Abdullah

Let’s picture this. You order your favorite soup but imagine experiencing the disappointment of receiving it cold and leaking from a poorly packed package.

Even worse, imagine you spill it all due to messy packaging.

The wrong food packaging can reduce the taste and appeal of a meal!

How you package and deliver food to your customers says much about your restaurant business. Innovative food packaging design plays a vital role in branding and leaves a strong impression on your customers.

Furthermore, food packaging serves the crucial purpose of protecting the food from contamination and ensures it stays at the right temperature. That guarantees that your customers get food that is fresh and delicious every time.

That is why the food packaging industry is experiencing a boom.

Experts predict that the food packaging market will reach $411 billion by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5%.

If you are a small business owner seeking affordable ways to package your food products, food delivery packaging ideas can help you establish strong connections with your target audience. When your restaurant builds a reputation for cooking delicious food, paired with excellent packaging, you have already won half the battle.

Importance of Food Packaging

Let us start by understanding the importance of packaging in food delivery before exploring different ideas for food delivery packaging.

In today's landscape, many restaurants need help attracting more customers to dine in. In addition, although it is relatively safe, many prefer not to eat at the restaurant. Considering these factors, as a food business, you must find ways to operate your restaurant effectively despite decreased foot traffic.

With fewer customers dining in, maximizing your online delivery service, and attracting as many people as possible become crucial. As a result, encouraging food takeaway and delivery becomes an excellent strategy for generating ongoing sales.

However, finding cost-effective food delivery packaging ideas that meet your requirements can take time and effort, mainly when operating on a tight budget. Thankfully, creative, and innovative options are available if you know where to look.

This post will provide you with affordable food delivery packaging ideas specifically designed for startups.

Numerous food delivery-packaging ideas can help your restaurant stand out from competitors.  You can prioritize aesthetics or functionality and even opt for a combination of both aspects.

Here are some top food delivery packaging ideas that you can use for your restaurant or food delivery business:

14 Best Food Packaging Ideas for Your Restaurant and Food Delivery Business in 2023

Here is our rundown of the best food packaging ideas for your business.

1. Cardboard and Paper Boxes

Restaurants utilize cardboard and paper packaging as more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. Cardboard, significantly thicker varieties, effectively retain heat, making it a popular choice for pizza boxes.

However, cardboard faces a challenge when it comes to managing moisture. If exposed to wet foods, cardboard boxes may become damp and then collapse, eventually disintegrating. That may not happen if they are lined up with food-grade wax. Unfortunately, wax-lined cardboard takes longer to decompose and is less environmentally friendly than regular cardboard.

2. Customized Packaging

Customize your packaging to prominently display your brand identity through custom labels, logos, and colors. Explore the possibilities of incorporating distinctive packaging shapes or designs that effectively convey the essence of your food or align with your brand's aesthetic.

3. Boxes with Compartments and Dividers

When packaging your food, consider utilizing containers with integrated compartments or dividers. These features separate various food items, preserving their freshness and preventing unwanted mixing. This packaging solution is particularly advantageous for meal kits or dishes with multiple ingredients.

4. Corrugated Boxes with Sticker

You can enhance these packages by adding a waterproof sticker of your company logo or brand name, which adds a unique touch. These customizable stickers enable customers to recognize your food products in the market quickly.

Moreover, opting for this option allows you to maintain a consistent production pace since it is easy to manufacture them swiftly and efficiently based on order sizes.

5. Die Cut Boxes

Die cutting involves using sharp tools to cut materials precisely, like cardboard and foam board, enabling businesses to create intricate and distinctive shapes for their packaging products. This method offers startups a convenient and cost-effective way to package food while impressing customers with visually appealing designs.

By utilizing die-cut food packaging ideas, startups can stay ahead of their competitors without incurring significant expenses.

6. Eco-Friendly Labeling

Among other food packaging ideas for small business, this one is quite popular. Thanks to this environmentally friendly packaging idea, you can play your part in saving the planet.  Choose from plant-based plastics, compostable papers, and materials crafted from leftover potato skins.

These cost-effective packaging ideas allow for bulk printing with logo designs and essential information about your company. By utilizing these labels, you not only contribute to the well-being of the planet but also ensure that your customers are well-informed while purchasing your products.

7. Creative Packaging

Food delivery packaging ideas can serve practical purposes and be an opportunity for creative expression. Infusing some fun elements into the packaging helps it stand out and effectively showcases your brand.

This approach works exceptionally well for restaurant contest ideas or if you are catering to a younger audience. The vibrant and colorful designs can attract children's attention, but they can also appeal to adults.

8. Keep It Engaging and Interactive

Integrate interactive elements into your packaging to actively engage customers. You can achieve this by including QR codes that provide access to exclusive content or promotions, printing trivia or games. You can even incorporate personalized messages or jokes for unique frozen food packaging ideas for creating a memorable and enjoyable experience.

9. Recycled Materials

By utilizing recycled materials, your food business can demonstrate a commitment to eco-friendly practices and conveys to customers that you prioritize sustainability. In addition, recycled material packaging is available in various forms, including bottles, plastic boxes, jars, and cartons. All these items are readily accessible at major retailers.

Moreover, opting for recycled products reduces the consumption of resources from our natural environments. These materials may include paper, water, and oil. As a result, we preserve our planet's resources for future generations.

10. Seed-Infused Packaging

If you are looking for popular food packaging ideas for small business, this one can be a great one. In recent years, seed-infused packaging has emerged as an innovative example for food delivery packaging ideas.

Incorporating seeds into the packaging raises awareness among people about its purpose and encourages responsible disposal. In addition, you can inform your customers that they can use the packaging to grow plants in their homes. This approach ensures that your packaging does not contribute to the environmental pollution caused by waste.

11. Screen Printing Packaging

Startups can choose low-cost food packaging design ideas by utilizing screen printing, which is an affordable and efficient method. This approach involves simple and minimal designs that enhance visibility while reducing waste costs.

Restaurants can accomplish customized packaging solutions by developing their unique designs or sourcing an HD image to print on their delivery boxes.

Furthermore, screen printing is highly versatile and suitable for frozen food packaging ideas and various other packaging options, including paper bags, plastic containers, and more.

12. Use Creative Typography

Some brands tend to complicate the writing on their packaging and logos, making them challenging to comprehend. Typography is the art of making written language both readable and visually appealing. You can effectively communicate with your customers by adopting a simple packaging design.

For instance, some food packaging design ideas can prominently display the natural ingredients used in making the product.

If you are selling burgers, incorporating handmade typography and an image of the burger on the packaging will let your restaurant customers select their preferred flavor quickly.

When your small restaurant menu ideas feature various items that may sound similar, it is crucial to distinguish them clearly. In addition, the typography on the design should be bright and easily visible.

For example, if you are packaging rice or burgers, you can assign each flavor or type, a distinct design and color. For instance, you can represent spicy food with a vibrant red color, while vegetarian options may get a refreshing green hue.

13. Edible Wrappers

One of the most captivating food delivery packaging ideas to embrace this year involves edible packaging. This concept holds great appeal as it adds value to your business operations. There are several ways to incorporate edible wrappers into your food packaging design ideas.

For unique takeaway promotion ideas, you can use these wrappers them to encase items like sandwiches or burgers. Additionally, you can use entirely edible materials to create straws. If you wish to take it a step further, consider making takeaway cutlery that is also edible.

However, it is worth noting that edible packaging tends to be more costly than regular packaging. Nevertheless, if you have the budget and prioritize sustainability, spending on edible packaging can be an excellent way to differentiate your food packaging design ideas and make them truly remarkable.

14. Window or Clear Packaging

Choose transparent or window packaging to give customers a clear view of the products. This approach is ideal for highlighting visually appealing food items, such as desserts, sandwiches, or salads, and it can effectively attract customers through the visual appeal of your offerings. They also make appealing packaging solutions for restaurant giveaway ideas.

Final Thoughts

Your food packaging design ideas should have an appealing and distinctive appeal to stay memorable in your customers' minds. By utilizing compostable food packaging, you showcase your commitment to sustainability, attracting customers who prioritize environmentally conscious restaurants and food delivery companies. Furthermore, you can leverage your food packaging to promote your business's values.

We are sure that by now, you must be ready to invest in the top food packaging ides we listed in this blog. Do not hesitate to brainstorm genuinely unique food delivery packaging ideas, as this will undoubtedly encourage repeat patronage from your customers.


What is The Importance of Food Delivery Packaging?

Attractive food delivery packaging ideas grab customers' attention. Its primary role is to protect food from contamination, preserve proper temperatures, and prevent spills.

Are there any Eco-Friendly Options for Food Delivery Packaging?

Eco-friendly food delivery packaging ideas current encompass plant-based plastics derived from corn, bamboo, wheat, bagasse (a sugarcane processing by-product), and wood pulp.

What are the Best-Boxed Food Delivery Options?

Some of the best options for boxed food delivery include Home Chef, Blue Apron, Purple Carrot, Sun Basket, and HelloFresh.

How Can You Ensure That Your Food Stays Fresh During Delivery?

You can adequately package food by separating and sealing items to prevent cross-contamination. Pack liquid items separately to avoid leaks or spills which may negatively affect the food quality.

How to Choose Suitable Packaging for Your Food Delivery Business?

Choose food-safe, BPA-free packaging materials that comply with regulations. Listen to customer feedback and address concerns and suggestions for packaging improvement.

Where Can You Find a Supplier for Food Delivery Packaging?

Explore online shops and marketplaces like Alibaba, Thomasnet, and Packaging Digest to connect with packaging suppliers. Benefit from search filters such as location, packaging type, or certifications to find food delivery packaging ideas and suppliers for your business.

Can You Customize Your Food Delivery Packaging?

Another popular idea from different food delivery packaging ideas is to customize the packaging with company logo, colors, or unique designs to create a positive brand image. Use this opportunity to reinforce brand identity and give customers a memorable unboxing experience.

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