12 Best Food Delivery Packaging Ideas For Your Restaurant

12 Best Food Delivery Packaging Ideas For Your Restaurant

Food delivery Packaging is one of the most critical aspects of your restaurant business, but it's often overlooked.

Food packaging design can be quite boring and uninspired. By not paying attention to your food delivery packaging, you miss out on a huge opportunity to make yourself stand out from the competition.

We've got some cool food delivery packaging ideas for you that will help you create memorable customer experiences every time they order from your restaurant or takeout place! Our food delivery box and takeaway packaging ideas will help you save money while bringing in more customers!

12 Food Delivery Packaging Ideas For Your Takeout & Delivery Business

Here are 12 amazing food delivery boxes for you to reuse and impress your customers. Make a lasting impression with a unique takeaway box.

1. Pizza Boxes

A pizza box is one of the best food delivery packaging ideas to package takeout or even normal deliveries if you have the space, but it works really well as a takeaway container too! If you're in the food delivery business, pizza boxes are your best friend.

Instead of using the plain brown cardboard boxes that most restaurants use for takeaway pizzas, try making some vinyl stickers to stick on them. Design custom printed pizza stickers and stick them all over your delivery boxes! This way, you can stand out from the competition with a unique brand image that is also environmentally friendly.

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2. Use Disposable Food Delivery Containers To Increase Your Portion Size

Disposable food containers are one of the best ways to maximize space when you're packaging your food for delivery or takeout. They not only make your restaurant more efficient, but they also allow you to pack in bigger portions! You can also use these boxes for takeout.

You can order a big batch of disposable food containers from many different suppliers online, and they only cost a few cents each! You can design custom printed food containers with your restaurant name to stand out from the competition and encourage more customers to place orders with your restaurant.

3. Use Digital Printing To Create Customized Takeout Packaging

Digital printing allows you to print any design on almost any material, which makes it an ideal choice for creating custom takeout boxes.

You can place your logo or brand name onto the food takeaway containers using digital printing to create cool branded packaging that will make an impression on your customers. You can even order several different designs to promote specific dishes or products.

4. Paper Takeout Containers With Wire Handles

Paper takeout containers are another great choice if you want an inexpensive but unique takeaway food box design. By combining the container with a long metal handle, you can bring your restaurant into the 21st century! You can even order these boxes in custom shapes so you can get creative!

5. Styrofoam Takeaway Containers

Styrofoam food containers are cheap food delivery packing ideas but have the advantage of being disposable, which makes them perfect for busy takeout restaurants that need to put food into boxes fast. The Styrofoam material also insulates your food well, keeping it warm while you're delivering it to your customer.

6. Use Jute Bags For Takeout Orders

Another cheap and easy way to stand out from the competition is by using jute bags. You can get these bags in bulk for a very low price, and they make great food delivery packaging ideas because you can reuse them! You can add some custom printed jute bags to your delivery service, and you'll be the only restaurant in town that uses these eco-friendly takeaway containers.

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7. Use Biodegradable Food Delivery Bags For Food Delivery

Biodegradable food takeout bags are another great choice if you want to impress environmentally conscious customers while saving money. These bags are made from natural materials that will break down when you throw them into a compost bin. You can even place your restaurant's logo on the bags to increase brand awareness!

8. Use Bulk Cardboard Food Boxes For Takeout Orders

If you want food delivery boxes that scream "industrial," you should go with the classic cardboard food box design. You can order these boxes in bulk from many suppliers, and they're also very cheap to ship!

9. Use Straws That Come In Cardboard Tubes

If you want to look like a high-end restaurant, try using straws in cardboard tubes instead of the classic plastic straw design. Not only does this make your restaurant look upscale, but you can order these straws in bulk to save money!

10. Use "Real" Silverware Packets For Takeout Orders

A simple way to give your takeout orders a more upscale feel is by using real silverware packets. If you want disposable silverware packs that still look nice, go with the classic plastic fork, knife, and spoon design. You can also order these packets in bulk to save money!

11. Seed-Infused Packaging Is Good For The Planet And Your Food

If you want to attract organic customers, try using seed-infused packaging. You can order plantable takeout boxes that will sprout wildflowers when they're thrown into the ground - an awesome way to advertise your eco-friendly restaurant. Plus, you might even get some free advertising from Mother Nature!

12. Use Stainless Steel Takeout Containers

If you want the most effective insulation possible, stainless steel is your best option for food delivery packaging. You can get custom-made stainless steel takeout boxes that will keep your food hot or cold for hours! Not only are these containers good for the environment, but they also serve as great advertising magnets for your restaurant business because of their unique designs.


If you're looking for cheap food delivery ideas to increase customer satisfaction and brand awareness, you should order your takeout containers from a reputable supplier. You'll save money because the products won't cost as much to ship, and you can get custom printing done on each container, so they look lovely! Plus, if you want to make a good impression on environmentally conscious customers, you should try using jute bags or biodegradable food packets.

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