Top 13 Takeaway Promotion Ideas That Will Increase Profits

Top 13 Takeaway Promotion Ideas That Will Increase Profits

Muhammad Abdullah

Consumer eating habits are evolving with time, compelling restaurants to innovate their takeaway model. With the popularity of street food vendors, many people flock to the newest trends they see on social media. Therefore, today’s restaurants must experiment with their takeaway promotion ideas to thrive in the cut-throat food industry.

People in the food delivery business know how to attract their target audience. However, if you are an emerging restaurant, a home chef, or a food delivery business, this post is just for you.

This guide will present high-converting takeaway promotion ideas to help your business/restaurant earn more profits. So, here we go.

Best Takeaway Promotion Ideas

Here is our rundown of your restaurant's most practical takeaway promotion ideas.

1.      Family-Oriented Meal Kits

When your loyal customers order your takeaway, they're not just looking for quality food but an experience they can enjoy in their homes.

Instead of sending them off with a takeaway bag, create a meal kit that caters to the entire family.

For example, add a few branded bags and branded cutlery to your kit. You may also include some branded mugs, glasses, or table napkins. Finally, don’t forget to deliver this kit in a branded tote bag.

2.      Customized Food and Drink Subscriptions

Food and drink subscription boxes are becoming all the rage. Go one step further by signing individual consumers up for a subscription-based service that introduces your small restaurant menu ideas daily or weekly.

The food and drink subscription service is a triple-win situation:

  •         Your customer gets the meals they love delivered to their door.
  •         You can introduce more food items to your customers.
  •         You can test the popularity of different food combinations.

3.      Hashtag-Based Promos for Social Media Networks

We all have social media accounts on several social networks. Every restaurant or food business wants to be popular online. Using hashtag-based promotions is a great way to get people talking about your business.

Hashtags are text added to a post to make it popular on social media channels through a particular keyword. That allows you to reach a larger organic audience and gain more followers. It will also help you get organic traffic from giant search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

4.      SMS-Exclusive Takeaway Offers

This one is a unique restaurant promotion idea that works everywhere, at any time. SMS-exclusive takeaway offers allow you to connect with your potential customers and improve your chances of converting them into loyal visitors.

You can add offers exclusive to SMS marketing and motivate customers to submit their phone numbers to receive your restaurant industry promotion messages. Implementing it will stay within your budget, and it's guaranteed to boost your online orders.

What Does Book My Order Offer to You?

With the Book My Order ‘Promotions’ tool, you can now offer special deals to customers. In addition, with our fantastic promo feature, you can now easily manage your customers' discount vouchers and reward points.

5.      Takeout Lunch Special

The lunchtime rush at your restaurant can be overwhelming, mainly when your restaurant has limited staff on the floor. If you cannot increase the number of employees working at lunchtime, consider offering a takeout lunch special to grab customers and satisfy their cravings.

Reasons to offer a takeout lunch special:

  •         You could be located in an out-of-the-way location, and potential customers would instead pick up their lunch from a nearby place.
  •         The people you want to target don't have time in the evenings or weekends to dine at your restaurant.
  •         The location may not be as trendy or visible as other restaurants, and you must establish your presence.

Is anything For Me from Book My Order?

Of course, Yes!

By allowing your takeout customers to pay online and collect their orders, you can reduce waiting times for customers, improve customer service, and increase overall sales. In addition, we further reduce payment processing fees for your restaurant as we offer this feature to you for free.

6.      Add Frozen/Refrigerated Heat-and-Eat Meals

Frozen and refrigerated heat-and-eat meals are fantastic takeaway promotion ideas. You can add more variety, keep your takeout restaurant menu diverse, and profit more significantly. It's like an outlet store for your restaurant takeout. With just a little preparation, your frozen and refrigerated heat-and-eat meals will still taste as good as fresh ones.

7.      Offer Unique Items to Your App Users

Mobile apps are critical to your success if you are a restaurant business owner with outlets in dozens of locations. As a result, you get instant followers, and loyal guests keep returning for more.

Once your users download your app, they will appreciate the ease and convenience of ordering through your mobile app.

Thus, the 'promotion’ model (free food if users download the app or check in) can work exceptionally well to incentivize them to download your app.

Book My Order is available now on Playstore. You can download it here.

8.      Push Sales on Low-Traffic Days

We all want more customers. So allowing more people to order from your restaurant is an excellent way to increase revenue.

Offering these deals drives immediate sales (and cash) in your pocket and builds a positive reputation for your business. In addition, customers perceive your restaurant as a business that cares about its customers.

Dayparting deals also help you earn more profits while reaching a broader range of customers.

9.      Online Takeout Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a fabulous way to increase engagement and exposure and drive sales.

They are great incentives for creating more buzz about your restaurant.

For Example:

Launch different restaurant contest ideas where participants can win $1000 worth of food and drinks at your restaurant. You can also offer the first 100 customers something, such as a free meal or beverage. Restaurant giveaway ideas like these guarantees you get more exposure and more profits.

10.  Local Ads to Bring in Money

Local ads are a simple way to attract hungry customers to your restaurant. When you get your business page live on Facebook, you can start segmenting your target audience by choosing a broad demographic, such as "People who live in Denver and love Pizza."

You can get even more customers by refining local audiences by gender, age, and location. The best part is that you don't need to spend a fortune on these ads.

11.  Exciting Holiday Meals

There is no better time for introducing takeaway promotion ideas than the holiday season. People love to get together, eat, and drink the most during the holidays. So brainstorm holiday-themed food delivery packaging ideas to give your customers a positive eating experience.

12.  Express Delivery

Express Delivery is a great way to boost takeout orders. A simple trick can increase sales by up to 10% and double or triple your profit.

The best way to do this is by offering express delivery as an incentive for people who refer your restaurants to their friends and family. So, your customers will get something in return for every referral, and you will get more sales.

13.  Complimentary Items with Orders Over a Certain Limit

Offer customers a complimentary item with orders over a certain amount of money. You can come up with tempting ideas for these complimentary items like ‘free beverages’ or ‘free desserts.’


Takeaway promotion ideas are an excellent tool for businesses that want to boost their revenue and increase customer engagement. There are endless ways to promote your takeaway service, from special discounts to loyalty programs and holiday-themed menus.

Don’t forget to leverage email marketing, social media, and other digital channels to promote these offers. In addition, make sure you collect feedback from your customers and track key metrics.


What are Takeaway Promotion Ideas?

Takeaway promotion ideas are strategies restaurants can employ to motivate customers to order takeout. Offering discounts, coupons, reward points, special lunch/dinner items, and deals or coupons for orders placed online or through a mobile app. Another option is to offer a loyalty program that rewards customers for their repeat orders. Choose an online ordering system for your restaurant that allows you to track this program.

What are Thanksgiving Promotion Ideas?

Offer special discounts on Thanksgiving-themed menu items. For example, discounts on turkeys and catering services. Another idea is to create special Thanksgiving packages or menus for customers to order for holiday parties.

What are Some Examples of High Converting Takeaway Promotion Ideas?

Provide limited-time promotions, such as discounts on a specific menu item for a certain period. In addition, businesses can offer add-ons or free items for orders over a certain amount. For example, services like free delivery or free dessert. Social media can also be a powerful tool, with businesses using platforms like Facebook or Instagram to showcase their products, offer exclusive deals to followers, and run contests or giveaways.

Why are Takeaway Promotion Ideas Important for A Restaurant?

Takeaway promotion ideas are essential for restaurants for numerous reasons. Firstly, with the rise of delivery and online services, takeaway services are now an increasingly important revenue stream for restaurants. Promotions can attract customers and drive sales.

How do I Promote My Takeaway Services to Customers?

One of the most important ways to promote your takeaway services is to create a solid online presence, including a user-friendly website and social media profiles. Ensure your website and social media are accessible and up to date so customers can easily place orders. In addition, implement a loyalty program to incentivize customers to order from you.

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