How to Become a Reseller for Restaurant Software: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Become a Reseller for Restaurant Software: A Step-By-Step Guide

Amber Alvi

The Covid-19 pandemic significantly transformed the dynamics of the restaurant industry. Most restaurants that previously focused on digitizing systems suddenly became more inclined to adopt restaurant management software to streamline their food delivery operations.

Consequently, it became crucial for restaurants and food delivery businesses to include online ordering features as part of their customer management solution to improve customer experience, strengthen their product offerings, and earn more profits.


However, building an online ordering system from scratch needs investment, time, and resources. Hence, small businesses should collaborate with existing online system providers and integrate their systems into their offerings.

In addition, several renowned and trusted restaurant software companies provide white-label reseller programs. Becoming a reseller partner allows restaurants to customize these systems according to their brand requirements. However, not just restaurants but entrepreneurs, business consultants, and social media influencers can also partner with these programs to start earning from an additional source of income.

Fortunately, becoming a reseller partner is easier than it seems. This guide will provide a step-by-step guide on becoming part of a restaurant software reselling program.

How to Become an Effective Reseller

Become Good at Marketing and Selling

The most important skill to acquire for becoming a successful reselling partner is to know how to market and sell the restaurant product you just purchased.

If you’re selling basic-level software, you may need to sell it at large volumes to make a decent profit. You will also have to market your product to a broader audience.

However, if you are reselling advanced enterprise software, you must be experienced enough to manage longer sales cycles.

Build a Large Audience 

When reselling restaurant management software, having a group of potential customers or an existing audience dramatically helps. Resellers with a vast network of connections may enjoy quicker profits after rebranding SaaS software. The key is to choose a multi-functional restaurant management software that will appeal to a larger audience.

Understand the Customer’s Pain Points

The best part about becoming a restaurant software reseller is that you don’t have to be an expert in this niche. However, having a good understanding of your customers' issues is essential. That will allow you to sell the software as the ultimate solution to their problems.

Start your Software Reselling Journey

Becoming a part of a restaurant software reselling program is relatively easy. Here’s how you can start your journey.

Identify the Right Restaurant Management Software

Research to identify the pain points of your target audience or clients. Do they need inventory management software? Are they seeking an efficient POS or online delivery system to improve customer service?

When choosing the most profitable software to sell, it is essential to consider each program's unique features. Ensure you select a product that provides value to your clients and audience’s needs. Look for a program that offers a wide range of features and services. Find out what payment options are available and which unique features are included in the program.

Does the software company you are choosing provide marketing materials? Often software providers will give their resellers handy resources and materials they can use to promote their sales and marketing efforts.

Additionally, consider the profit you will make per sale. If you want to keep earning profits in the long run, remember that a product with a broader audience may be worth a lower fee per sale.

Approach Software Reselling Companies

The next step is to approach a restaurant software reseller. Look for software providers that already have a reselling program set up. These companies offer their software programs at discounted rates to resellers.

Find out if you are eligible to apply for their program.

You can also find in-depth information about the terms, conditions, and the maximum commission you can earn from the company’s FAQ page.

Once you agree to the terms and conditions and sign the contract, you can start your reselling journey.

Usually, one of the company’s representatives will provide you with individual support until you make your first resale.

Start Selling to the Right Customers

Now that you’ve joined a software company as a reseller, it’s time to start your selling journey. If you choose the right software that helps your audience streamline their business operations and keep their customers happy, it shouldn’t be too long before the sales start.

Who Can Sell to Whom?

If you are a culinary celebrity on social media or an emerging influencer in the food industry, your audience may comprise aspiring food entrepreneurs, small-sized restaurants, or food truck business owners. These businesses can benefit from POS and online ordering systems to improve their sales and customer experience.

Emerging food truck owners or home chefs operating from home may have different restaurant websites. However, they need a business website to process orders and have happy customers. Target this segment of the market and find your potential customers.

Any small restaurant or food delivery business can benefit from an efficient cloud POS or online ordering system, making online ordering a quick and convenient experience. They can also use short surveys to ask for reviews with every delivery order to improve their customer service experience.

But the best part about becoming a restaurant software reseller is that people other than those in the food business can benefit. For instance, if you are a business consultant, your clients include restaurant business owners. So you can re-label and introduce the software you just purchased for selling it to them and make profits.

Likewise, if you are in the web-designing industry, designing websites for restaurants, delis, cafes, and food trucks, integrating restaurant software such as an online ordering system can help you create appealing websites for your clients.

Remember that while relabeling guarantees incredible profit potential, you must manage the entire sales process and offer after-sales support. Only then can you get the most out of a reselling program?

How to Choose the Best Restaurant Software to Become a Reseller

The aftermath of the pandemic compelled restaurant owners to add online ordering as a crucial source of revenue. This feature prevented thousands of food entrepreneurs and restaurants from permanent closure.

By April 2020, food delivery orders had increased by over 150 percent. Moreover, delivery sales are projected to continue to rise at an annual rate of over 20 percent, reaching 365 billion by 2030. In addition, 60% of restaurant operators report incremental sales after offering online delivery.

Hence, it’s easy to predict that future food businesses, including restaurant owners, food entrepreneurs, local bars, delis & cafes, food trucks, and delivery stores, will need an online ordering system to survive in an after-pandemic world.


Join the Book My Order Reseller Program to Become a Profitable Reseller

Partner with Book My Order reselling program and help your clients and audience expand their food business while you gain a reliable source of income. Our comprehensive online ordering system provides an intuitive restaurant panel, allowing users to easily manage their menu, orders, and customer order history.

Who Can Apply to Our Reseller Partner?

Independent Business Advisors and Consultants 

Running a consultancy business means introducing innovative products and services to your clients. For example, if you are a technology consultant with restaurant or food delivery management clients, introduce and recommend Book My Order to help them expand their reach and profits.

Freelancer Professionals and Social Media Enthusiasts

Facebook or Twitter community owners with a decent following join our program and resell its benefits to their followers. In addition, freelance web designers can integrate the features and functionalities of this online ordering system to create intuitive websites for their clients in the restaurant or food delivery business.

Individual Marketers and Marketing Agencies

Book My Order’s features can help your marketing agency and customers’ businesses flourish. For example, if your clientele includes any food truck startups or small restaurants, offer Book My Order as a valuable asset for thriving in the industry.

How to Join

Register for an Account

All it takes is a few minutes and clicks. Joining our reseller partner program is easier than you think. The quick and simple registration process allows you to become a partner, even if you are not tech-savvy.

Receive One-on-One Support

Benefit from our support team for a 1-on-1 onboarding process and discover all the tremendous growth opportunities available with our program. We are happy to answer all your queries, and our support representative will ensure you receive all the help you need to start your reselling journey.

Start Selling

Unlock your passive income potential and become a reseller for starting your journey. With Book My Order, you will have support from our experienced team, who will guide you through the entire reselling process from the day you sign-up to the time when you start making profits.

Grow Your Business with Us

Develop your brand, extend your sales footprint, and increase your customer base - all with the help of our Book My Order reseller partner program. Contact us today, and let us help you get started.

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