25 Restaurant Survey Questions That Will Get You Results

Do you want to know what your customers are saying about your restaurant?

Restaurant survey questions can help you collect feedback from customers and improve the quality of your service. You'll be able to find out what they think of everything, including food, service, delivery time, and more. Plus, it's easy! All you have to do is ask a few simple questions on paper or online.

Collecting customer feedback will allow you to make changes that will improve customer loyalty. It takes just a little bit of time but could save hours down the line to improve customer satisfaction levels with every visit. So why not give it a try today?

In this blog post, we'll discuss 25 restaurant customer survey questions that will help you collect actionable data and make a positive change in your restaurant!

7 Benefits of a Restaurant Survey Form

1. It allows the business to know what their patrons want

Many restaurants struggle with not knowing what customers want. A restaurant survey form is an easy and quick way for them to find this out.

2. The restaurant can collect information and use it for marketing purposes

This is a very important factor when it comes to using a customer survey form. Not only does the business use this information as feedback, but they also use it as a marketing tool. This will lead businesses to implement astonishing restaurant marketing ideas and trends.

3. It helps create relationships with customers

A customer survey form allows for creating the possibility of forming relationships with their customers through communication that is confidential and private. This helps create positive feelings about the business and its services and features.

4. It can be used to start conversations about what guests value about the business

When it comes to business, there are so many ways to start a conversation with your customers. One way is by using restaurant survey questions to find out what they like about the establishment and how we can fix any little issues that might be on their minds.

Some people look at surveys as an annoyance or something tedious. Still, I think these polls could prove themselves very valuable in terms of having open conversations between both you and guest regarding things such as quality food, customer service, etcetera without approaching them outright!

5. Facilitates online reviews and feedback that is private and confidential

The more customer service a business provides, the more review forms they will receive. This is also true for restaurants that provide online delivery options. Customers should be able to take part in an online review without it being seen by other customers or other staff members of the establishment.

6. The business will want to focus on customer needs that make the most sense for them

A customer survey form should contain questions that make sense to the business, and what they choose to focus on will depend only on their own personal interests. In order for this question to be answered, there should be some recognizable theme.

7. The responses could lead to customer service enhancement ideas based on real-life data points

The more time businesses spend or provide attention to improving the quality of their customer service, the more likely they will have successful results and positive outcomes. This is an essential aspect that a business really needs to watch out for and learn from to provide good customer support.

25 Restaurant Survey Questions Every Restauranteur Should Ask

These 25 restaurant customer survey questions are essential for getting the information you need and making your business better!

1. What age group do you belong to?

This is a question that can help you understand more about your customers, such as what they prefer to eat and how they like their service., What time of day would be best for them or which location might work out the most efficiently.

Of course, the answers will change depending on whether it's better suited towards older folks with more free time in the evening or young professionals working long hours during the day. Still, many people find this information helpful when deciding where to go eat!

2. What was the food like? How would you rate the taste and quality of the meal?

This question could be used to establish whether or not your menu is appealing to potential customers. Also, it provides a good place to begin employee training.

3. Are there any features in the restaurant that you would like to change or improve?

Think about what makes your restaurant unique and provide suggestions for improvement.

4. What are the best attributes of this restaurant?

This question can serve as a basis for benchmarking your restaurant against others in the area and serve as an employee training tool because it can show employees what is being done well to maintain quality standards.

5. Which day of the week is your favorite to dine out?

Knowing what weekday is best for your restaurant can help you determine when offers or takeaway promotion ideas are most effective. If a customer likes to come in on Wednesdays, offer specials like burgers and fries!

6. What is your favorite dish on the menu?

The answer to this question can tell you a lot about what types of dishes are popular in your restaurant. If there's one thing that customers love, chances are they'll order it time and again! The more people who mention a particular dish as their favorite, the better chance you have to prepare it well and keep it as a staple on your menu.

7. What type of music would you enjoy while dining with us?

The type of music you're playing when someone walks in the door can affect how they feel about your restaurant. A lot of people mention that upbeat, energetic music will make them more likely to stay a while and keep ordering food!

8. Would you like to have a drink with us?

The answer to this question can tell you how your restaurant is doing in regards to alcohol. If customers are at all interested in ordering drinks, that means they're spending more money on food and staying longer than if they didn't have any alcohol! The better the relationship between your customer and their waiter or waitress, the more they're likely to order.

9. Did you avail of any of our promotions?

If yes, which promotion? (Pick one)
- Groupon Offer
- Loyalty Program
- Dining Club Membership

It is essential to know what unique restaurant promotion ideas you offer. There are two main types: those that offer a discount on the entire meal and those that only give discounts for specific items. Groupon and Loyalty Programs are the most common promotions.

Still, Dining Club Memberships that offer members a certain number of free meals per month can also be valuable to know about before dining at an establishment.

10. Was the wait staff attentive and helpful?

It is essential to know how your customers feel about the service they're getting. If you are not providing customer-like attention, there may be something wrong with your restaurant's attitudes or policies.

It could also mean that you need more people working on serving tables at any given time, so nobody waits long for a drink refill or assistance from their server.

11. Did we offer food options that met all of your dietary needs?

No matter what type of establishment it is, it's always best if someone has an option available when they dine to make them happy as soon as possible. Even if some ingredients aren't used, knowing which ones won't work can help eliminate a lot of confusion.

12. Was the restaurant clean? If not, what needs to be cleaned more often?

The cleanliness of a restaurant can be its single most significant factor in attaining customer satisfaction. Therefore, ensure your restaurant is clean and sanitized at all times, not only for sanitation but also for the health and safety of your customers.

13. Did you like this restaurant enough to recommend it to others?

Do you think others would enjoy coming here? This question is important because it will determine whether or not your business should expand and make changes based on customer feedback.

14. Could you order food from this restaurant at home?

This question determines whether potential customers would be satisfied in ordering from your restaurant and whether they have the same tastes as your customer base.

15. Did you feel rushed? If not, was this a decision or the result of poor service?

Answering this question can help you gauge if your restaurant successfully allows its customers to take time with their food.

16. Did you find the prices to be reasonable?

It's essential for the business to feel value in what they receive, and your customers are no different. However, if they seem hesitant or unsatisfied with their meals and overall experience, it may be the price that turned them off.

In such cases, brainstorm ways to reduce prices without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction.

17. Are You Trying to Make Money or Help People?

So many restaurants today are simply in it for the Money, not the customers' health or enjoyment. This is a huge problem because if they're making money, they won't spend on benefits like advertising and marketing or even improving their product for their customers.

This can be seen as unethical, and customers will not feel comfortable at such restaurants.

18. Do You Have a Positive Attitude?

This is an essential factor that can be seen as somewhat negative or positive to your business because customers desire to feel comforted and heard. This can be seen as a positive thing in the eyes of some customers, but others might feel uncomfortable if you're not as friendly as you could be.

19. Did we have a problem with our order? If so, how can we fix it?

Did the customer order incorrectly, or did it take too long to get their food to them? For example, they may want more catering for a baby shower. This is one of the best questions, in my opinion, because it allows for open communication between you and your customers without having to ask what they wanted directly.

20. Did this restaurant meet our expectations?

Are your customers having a positive or negative experience? This question could play a huge role in your business. If you're disappointed with the response, it could mean that you need to change something up or make an adjustment in how the restaurant is run.

21. What type of customer base do you want?

This is important because it could determine what types of people are coming to your restaurant and whether it serves its patrons' needs.

In addition, if customers aren't speaking to each other, chances are they're speaking poorly about your business on platforms such as Yelp or Facebook. This can negatively affect your business and hurt your reputation as a result.

22. Why did you choose this restaurant?

This question is important because it determines whether or not customers are eating at your restaurant for the food, the location, or the service.

In addition, many customers like to go to close and easily accessible places, so they don't have to spend a lot of money on transportation or parking to enjoy dinner without having to worry about being late!

If all of these points on the list can be met without having expensive parking fees and high prices, that's how you know it's a good idea.

23. What do you like most about this restaurant?

While it may seem like a silly question, asking a customer what they like about your business is essential for gauging customer satisfaction. In addition, it can help you make changes and decide what you need to do better in order to be more profitable.

24. Would we recommend this business?

This is important for customers, but it's also for staff because it will provide valuable information of what customers are saying about the business to train new employees or improve the quality of service they're getting during their shifts.

25. What do you like most about this restaurant?

Don't forget any good ideas your customers may have when thinking about why they like your restaurant so much!

Final Words

These survey questions for restaurants are essential because they will determine whether or not customers are seeing things in a way that could result in future sales compared to the last time they came by. If they're still upset about the price or quality of one of your services, it will definitely influence their ability to revisit the establishment.

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