20 Restaurant Survey Questions That Will Get You Results

20 Restaurant Survey Questions That Will Get You Results

Muhammad Abdullah

Do you want to know what your customers are saying about your restaurant?

Restaurant survey questions can help you collect feedback from customers and improve the quality of your service. You'll find out what they think of everything, including food, service, delivery time, etc. Plus, it's easy! All you have to do is ask simple questions on paper or online.

Collecting customer feedback will allow you to make changes to improve customer loyalty. It takes a little time but could save hours to improve customer satisfaction with every visit.

In this blog post, we'll discuss X restaurant customer survey questions that will help you collect actionable data to make a positive change in your restaurant!

Here are some benefits you can accomplish with the right restaurant survey questions.

Top Benefits of a Restaurant Survey Form

  •  Allows a business to know what their customers want.
  •  Offers opportunities to collect information and use it for marketing purposes.
  •  Helps create relationships with customers.
  •  Improves customer service.

20 Restaurant Survey Questions Every Restaurateur Should Ask their Customers

Here are some crucial restaurant survey questions for collecting the required information to enhance your business!

1. What Age Group Do You Belong To?

Restaurant survey questions like these can help you understand more about your customer demographics. For example, you can identify which age group visits your restaurant the most. Customer segmentation is crucial for restaurants because it allows them to understand their frequent customers' preferences and likes/dislikes. You can tailor the décor, small restaurant menu ideas, and other services to these customers.

For example, younger customers may work longer hours and look for on-the-go food items. Seniors may look for more variety and a pleasant ambiance to enjoy quality time with their loved ones.

2. What Was the Food like? How Would You Rate the Taste and Quality of the Meal?

Restaurants can use this question to determine whether their menu appeals to potential customers. In addition, it provides an excellent opportunity to identify weak areas where training can help.

3. Are There Any Features in The Restaurant That You Would Like To Change Or Improve?

Your guests can provide valuable suggestions about what you should change about your restaurant to attract more customers. 

4. What are the Best Attributes of this Restaurant?

This question can serve as a basis for benchmarking your restaurant against rivals in the area. In addition, it can show employees what you can do to maintain quality standards.

5. Which Day of The Week is Your Favorite Day to Dine Out?

Knowing what weekday suits your customers best can determine when to offer special offers and takeaway promotion ideas. For example, if young customers like to come in on Wednesdays, offer discounts on items like burgers and fries! You can also come up with unique restaurant contest ideas to provide giveaways.

6. What is Your Favorite Dish on The Menu?

This is among the most common restaurant survey questions. The answer to this question can tell you much about what dishes are trending in your restaurant. If there's one thing that customers love, they'll order it frequently!

7.  What Music Would You Like to Enjoy at the Restaurant?

Most people like energetic and upbeat music, especially when visiting a fast-food restaurant. If you offer a different country’s cuisine, make sure your music playlist features local artists from that country.

8.  Did you Avail Any of Our Promotions?

If yes, ask them about which promotion they avail. For example, it could be a membership offer or a special discount. Generally, there are two leading restaurant offers: discounts on specific items or a deal on the entire menu.

9. Was the Wait Staff Attentive and Helpful?

Knowing how your customers feel about the service they're getting is essential. If you are not giving individual attention to every customer, you are less likely to make loyal customers. Sometimes, it also means you need more people to serve your guests.

10.  Did You Find Any Food Options According to Your Dietary Needs?

No matter what restaurant business you run, make sure you offer something for everyone. Find out about the ingredients and items your customers expect from your restaurant.

11.  Was the Restaurant Clean? If not, What Needs to Be Cleaned More Often?

The cleanliness of a restaurant can be a top factor for success. Therefore, ensure your restaurant is clean and always sanitized to prevent unfortunate incidents.

12.  Will you Recommend Us to Others?

This question is crucial because it will determine whether your guests are happy with your services.

13.  How Would You Rate Our Food?

The rating scale can be from 1 to 5, with one being the lowest. This question is a simple way of finding how popular your recipes are among customers.

14.  Which Item Did You Like the Best?

This open-ended question helps you understand your most and least popular dishes. Since customers like raving about their favorite dishes, you can easily find the most popular items on your menu.

15.  Was Your Order Correct?

When customers order through online ordering systems, mistakes are less frequent. Nonetheless, add this question to ensure your system is glitch-free. Also, for small start-up restaurants that don’t have any systems installed, this question will help you assess the efficiency of your staff.

16.  How Quickly Did You Get Your Order?

An important survey question for online customers is whether their order was timely. This answer will allow you to streamline operations from preparation to delivery so customers don’t have to wait too long.

17.  Is There Anything Missing from The Menu?

Don’t limit this question to a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Ensure you provide enough space for the guests to write about the missing items, ingredients, or other elements.

18.  Which Platform Do You Usually Choose for Placing Online Orders?

Options can include your restaurant’s website or third-party platforms where your restaurant is listed.

19.  Are You Likely to Place Takeaway Orders?

This question can determine whether your customers enjoyed your food enough to order it from their homes. In addition, you can brainstorm takeaway promotion ideas and food delivery packaging ideas to promote this service.

20.  Why Did You Choose this Restaurant?

This question is crucial because it determines the factors responsible for your restaurant’s success. It could be your restaurant’s location, food, or service.

For example, many customers prefer going to nearby or readily accessible places, so they won’t have to spend too much on transportation. In addition, some guests like dining at a specific restaurant because of its ambiance. Of course, quality food is another reason why some people like eating at their favorite restaurant.

Final Words

You can use online surveys to collect feedback from your customers in an easy, convenient way. They're perfect for collecting customer reviews on specific aspects of the restaurant, like food, service, ambiance, and more. Thanks to technology, these surveys can now be automated.

Since they're automated, you don't have to worry about doing manual work or wasting time with paper surveys.

Book My Order is an online survey platform that empowers restaurants to collect customer insights and reviews efficiently. It also eliminates all the hassle of traditional paper surveys, so you can focus on running your business instead of filling out forms.

This online ordering system for restaurant businesses makes it easy for everyone to get feedback about their food, service, ambiance, etc. Hence, you can improve as a restaurant owner and provide better customer service in the future.

Book My Order gathers important customer insights through a simple rate and review survey. Restaurants that still need to sign up for our free online ordering system can get started today to collect valuable data about their customer's experience with them!


What Questions Should I Ask in a Food Survey?

It's crucial to consider the kind of data you want to compile while designing a food survey. For example, in a food survey, some possible questions include the respondents' preferred cuisines and how frequently they dine out.

How Do I Analyze the Survey Data?

Data from restaurant survey questions must be analyzed in several essential steps. The first stage is to clean and organize the data, eliminating incorrect or illegible responses and categorizing the answers according to the survey questions.

What are Some Customer Survey Questions?

Restaurant survey questions can offer insightful information about client preferences and satisfaction. For example, the following are some typical inquiries in customer surveys.

  • How likely are you to recommend our restaurant to others?
  • What can we do to improve your dining or takeaway experience?
  • How helpful and supportive was our staff?

What are Five Good Survey Questions?

Here are five excellent survey questions to consider adding to your restaurant survey.

  1. How pleased were you with our food and service?
  2. Did the restaurant's level of service live up to your expectations?
  3. What would you say about our restaurant's overall ambiance and atmosphere?
  4. Would you advise a friend or coworker to eat at this restaurant?
  5. How did you hear about us?

What Makes A Good Survey Topic?

The perfect restaurant survey questions or topic will rely on your unique goals and the data you're trying to collect. For instance, it may be about food preferences, menu choices, or customer happiness.


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