10 Unique Restaurant Promotion Ideas That Drive Crazy Sales in 2022 

10 Unique Restaurant Promotion Ideas That Drive Crazy Sales in 2022 

Muhammad Abdullah

Are you being frustrated with getting no new and unique restaurant promotion ideas? Unfortunately, it's not an easy task to come up with unique promotion ideas all the time. It requires a lot of time, effort, and human resources.

Welcome to the 10 Unique Restaurant Promotion Ideas that drive crazy sales for your business in 2022 and beyond.

Unique Restaurant Promotion Ideas

1. Don't Ignore Local SEO

2. Give a Unique Look to Your Website

3. Go Viral

4. Unique Restaurant Discount Offers

5. Hashtags are Saviors

6. Ask Influencers for Promotion

7. Pinterest is for Food Lovers

8. Share your Employee Stories

9. Grab a Rival's Customer for the Price of a Tea Cup

10. Share the Process


Unique Restaurant Promotion Ideas

11. Don't Ignore Local SEO

According to the local SEO statistics, more than 70% of mobile restaurant searchers convert immediately or within an hour.

So, if you want more sales from your business, applying proper local SEO strategies is one of the best and most unique restaurant promotion ideas.

Local SEO Tips for Your Restaurant

  • First register your business on Google My Business
  • Provide the proper location of your restaurant
  • Provide complete details of your business information, including phone number, website, email, etc.
  • Upload Pictures of your restaurants and dishes
  • Create a business listing for your restaurant on local directories. Make yourself a copy of this list of directories.
  • Create a free account on these directories. Provide all your restaurant business information.

Local SEO helps local businesses to get organic traffic from search engines. If you apply proper local SEO techniques, you will get more searches and sales.

12. Give a Unique Look to Your Website

A website with a unique and aesthetic design will likely have a better chance of getting a more targeted audience.

How Can I Add a Unique Look to My Restaurant Website?

  • Make your website simple and aesthetic.
  • Your website should have easy-to-use navigation, so users don't get confused.
  • Add more food-related features to your website.

You can integrate our free online ordering system to your website, where you can have unlimited features. For example, you can customize your menu and business hours. Besides that, you have features like live website editing, restaurant panel, SEO-friendly dashboard, real-time processing app, etc.

You can also integrate our free online ordering app to your Facebook page, iOS, or Android. This unique restaurant promotion idea will help you get more sales and earn trust from your customers.

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13. Go Viral

Everyone wants to be viral on the internet. So do businesses. Going viral gives more exposure to your business because you can capture your customers’ attention. Ultimately, this unique restaurant promotion idea drives more sales.

Ways to Go Viral on Social Media Platforms

  • Upload a food challenge. Whoever wins this challenge will win a significant amount of money.
  • Build social media hype with your innovative dishes.
  • Create some powerful Facebook marketing strategies for restaurants
  • Make sure you brainstorm unique, memorable, and appealing ideas to get your audience's attention.

14. Unique Restaurant Discount Offers

Pick any day or event and create any unique discount offer that resembles that day or event.

Restaurant Promotion Message #1:

On March 17, we honor St. Patrick.

That's why coffee is only $1.50 at [your restaurant name]

Restaurant Promotion Message #2:

Leprechauns don't exist.

But our special pasta offer is unbelievably real.

Just $10

15. Hashtags are Saviors

Yes, if you use proper and popular hashtags for your restaurant business, you will reach more audiences. More audience means your restaurant business is getting more views. Ultimately, you will be visible to thousands of people.

So, use proper hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to get more sales.

16. Ask Influencers for Promotion

Social Media influencers have a lot of followers. You can take full advantage of them by asking them for promotions. You can also collaborate with them in their videos or invite them to your restaurant to give them a free meal. That will provide you with great exposure. So, make sure that you find an influencer similar to your target audience. 

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17. Pinterest is for Food Lovers

Pinterest is a fantastic platform for restaurant businesses. Unlimited images and videos get pinned and re-pinned on Pinterest. So, take quality food pictures and pin them on Pinterest. Remember that these photos must have your brand name. There will be groups of people among 300 million Pinterest users who will become your targeted audience. 

18. Share your Employee Stories

That’s a great way to earn the respect and trust of your audience. The unique restaurant promotion idea will help you sustain your existing customers and help you get new customers.

19. Grab a Rival's Customer for the Price of a Tea Cup

Offer anyone with a competitor's loyalty card (e.g., tea card) and offer to trade it in for a complimentary tea at your cafe. 

Primarily, you'll steal a loyal customer away from your rival. But that’s how you get a reliable and dedicated customer for the price of a teacup.

20. Share the Process

We bet you have a lot of consumers who would love to know how your kitchen operates.

If it's a quieter night, offer to take them behind the scenes so they can see how it all works.

Bottom Line

Now you have ten remarkable and unique restaurant promotion ideas to drive more sales in 2022. Apply all these creative ideas and see the magic.


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